Day 11 – Organized Christmas: What’s Your Budget?

This is Day 11 of our 31 Days To An Organized Christmas. To read all the posts in order, start with this post, then visit the Landing Page to see the outline for the whole series.


  • Read Project 7: What’s Your Budget? (pages 56-60) in Get Yourself Organized for Christmas.
  • Check in with your Organized Christmas buddy.
  • Save a date on the calendar to plan your budget. A little here and there can add up to a lot. Prepare now so you don’t start the new year in debt. o_o

Some Thoughts:

For this project, here are some printables that are useful:


There are so many fun things to do and foods to eat and people to see and places to go (you get the idea) during the holidays, but all of that probably takes a little money, whether it is buying something or having transportation to get to a destination. Since we came up with a holiday mission statement and a list of activities we want to be involved in this holiday season, we can go back and look at that to help determine how much is really practical for us to spend this holiday season.

Here are a few budget items:

  • Food
  • Gifts
  • Donations
  • Decorations
  • Cards

Food and donations are definitely big items on our list, so we need to make sure we know our limits. Gifts, not so much. We’ve been buying things here and there each year during Black Friday, so I don’t think we need to buy anything this year. Yay! And for cards we do use a lot of coupon codes, but there are always shipping fees to deal with. If anyone has recommendations for quality photo cards at the stores, let us know. Wrapping paper last forever around here, and I think we have a few rolls from the Target Dollar Spot.

If we’re making a magical Christmas with late nights and overdrawn accounts, the magic only lasts so long. – Get Yourself Organized for Christmas

What tips do you have for being money-wise during the holidays?

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Your turn! Share your thoughts with us.

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