Day 8 – Organized Christmas: Prep Your Christmas Card

This is Day 8 of our 31 Days To An Organized Christmas. To read all the posts in order, start with this post, then visit the Landing Page to see the outline for the whole series.


  • Read Project 4: Prep Your Christmas Card (pages 39-43) in Get Yourself Organized for Christmas.
  • Check in with your Organized Christmas buddy.
  • Gather addresses and gather/order stamps.

Some Thoughts:

Sit back, close your eyes, and tell yourself, “I’m not sending Christmas cards this year!” How did that make you feel? – Get Yourself Organized for Christmas

*Read the book, and you will see that Kathi will give you a Christmas card “pass” if this just isn’t your year to send them out.* If you are sending them out, read on!

I love printables, but sometimes it can be a little overwhelming to choose from all the cute designs out there. And sometimes the designs can take away from the purpose of the printable…and it can also take up a lot of ink! I am always going back to Mandi’s printables. She has lots of great stuff on her site – Life Your Way.

Here are some pages for this project:

They are fillable forms, so you can type the info on the sheets, and print them out. If they are useful to you, print them out and put them in your binder!

Avoiding the post office this holiday season? Get your holiday stamps from the website – I’m not sure how much of a difference location is, but shipping is $1.30 for us. And it looks like it doesn’t matter how many books of stamps I put in my cart, it was $1.30 for all. Tip: See if anyone wants to go in with you on purchasing the stamps. If you can get 12 other people, it would just come out to be 10 cents, which would definitely be worth it to not have to drive to the post office and wait in line!! Anyone (I see weekly) want to put an order in together?

Are you sending out cards? What kind of cards do you send out? What stamps will you be using?

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