Day 7 – Organized Christmas: Pick Your Christmas Card Picture

This is Day 7 of our 31 Days To An Organized Christmas. To read all the posts in order, start with this post, then visit the Landing Page to see the outline for the whole series.


  • Read Project 3: Pick Your Christmas Card Picture (pages 32-38) in Get Yourself Organized for Christmas.
  • Check in with your Organized Christmas buddy.
  • Choose one or the other:
    • Pick a Christmas picture
    • Set a date to take a family picture

Some Thoughts:

I don’t think we’ve ever had the chance to get family photos professionally done, but we usually like to do a collage of pics from the year anyhow. It is fun to show a few snippets of our year. There are lots of choices for having your photo cards printed, but here are some suggestions:

  • Shutterfly – This is the one we usually use. If you are a new to Shutterfly, don’t sign up so fast. Use THIS LINK to get 50% off holiday cards –> (They always have coupon codes, so the earlier you have your card ready, the more likely you are able to take advantage of the codes and even get FREE cards!)
  • Costco – A great option if you are not too spendy on Christmas cards.
  • – We used this once before because we found a coupon code for it, and the quality is pretty good.
  • Tinyprints – This is also another popular one we’ve seen. We receive a number of cards from family and friends from this company. If you are new to Tinyprints, don’t sign up so fast. Use THIS LINK to get 10 FREE Holiday Cards when you make your first purchase –>

We won’t be sharing our photo card for this year on here just yet, but here are some from the past!


And I’ve seen it done in lots of different ways. Some opt to just use plain Christmas notecards. Some print out regular prints and glue dot them to cardstock. Some make their own cards. Some do a newsletter. Some sent e-greetings. We get some professional ones. We get some completely silly ones that make us laugh every time we see it when we flip through our Christmas Cards Book. (You know who you are!) Do what works for your family!

Here are some DOLLAR STORE ones we made one year.

And here’s a sneak peek at one version of our cards this year:

I love some humor, some highlights, and some truth. That’s the kind of Christmas card and letter I want to get. – Get Yourself Organized for Christmas

If you are getting pro pics taken, Kathi has some fantastic tips for you in the book. Make sure to read them!

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