Enjoy Your Life More in 10 Days

enjoy your life
Earlier this year, we were able to take a family vacation to Australia. It was 2.5 weeks of fun and adventures and rest! It was wonderful! If you know me, you know I’m a list person…not because there are lots of things to do (although there really is!), but because I’m forgetful. :p Anyhow, I didn’t even think about the lists when we were gone. I figure after a week I would be readjusted to our “usual” routine, but I didn’t. It is not five months later, and I know I can not continue to stay on this hamster wheel of life…running and running, but going nowhere.

I have really enjoyed the sermon series, as well as the discussion in our growth group, at church this summer. I have wanted to really dig into the spiritual disciplines since college, but everyone else wanted to study something else. Anyhow, I won’t go into the actual discussion on the disciplines of prayer, fasting, simplicity, solitude, service, worship, and celebration. But hearing and reading about how Jesus lived his life, and in turn, how we should live ours to the fullest, the listmaker in me needed something to help me practically live out these disciplines. Enter Kayse Pratt’s new ecourse, Enjoy Your Life!!

11836764_10100419746741530_9148402556107208211_nBy the way, I actually did a really good job of packing for our 2.5-week trip down under. I packed less than I usually do for trips just a few hours away in the same state. But when I returned from Australia, the pic above was exactly how I felt. It is how I feel now, but I am finding that breathing room now, thanks to Kayse! Putting down all the things bouncing around in my brain, and sorting out my “have to”s, “love to”s, and “should do”s, and doing it step-by-step was super helpful. It feels great to have a plan and set some boundaries for what I say yes or no to when it comes to adding something on my calendar.

The course launches TODAY, Monday, August 10th!

What does the course include you ask? That’s a great question!

  • 10 days of brand new content, delivered to your inbox each day
  • Exclusive course pack of printable worksheets to help you get your thoughts and plans on paper
  • Access to a private Facebook group where you can find others on the journey, share ideas, ask questions, and be encourage
  • A beautiful printable for you to frame as a daily inspiration

And because it is launch day, there are some special deals on the course:

  • 12:01am – 5am PST: Only $7!
  • 5:01am – 10am PST: Only $9!
  • 10:01am – 3pm PST: Only $11!
  • 3:01pm – 8pm PST: Only $13!
  • 8:01 pm – 11:59pm PST: Only $15!
  • Tuesday: Full Price again at $17.99.

Everyone who buys the course on the first day will be entered to win a $200 gift card to Erin Condren! See details HERE –> http://kaysepratt.com/product/enjoy-your-life-course.

And even more fun – GIVEAWAYS! Kayse will be hosting giveaways on her blog all week long, so make sure to go and enter!

While we can’t do this…DSC_1906…or this every single day…DSC_1847

…we can enjoy our life right where we are!
11352886_915910898454797_51378046_nHSLG 2015 33


1 thought on “Enjoy Your Life More in 10 Days

  1. I’ve been feeling this way since we pulled my middle guy out of school a year and a half ago and started homeschooling. No breathing room! Up until this past summer, I was still trying to do everything I had been when he was in campus school. I’m trying to take the next few weeks to sort out my head and create some space and order! This looks like a really interesting e-course….thanks for posting!

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