My Norwex Experience

I had heard about Norwex way before I hosted a party. And I have no idea why I waited so long to try it out. I hosted a party awhile ago, and was able to earn a bunch of hostess rewards. Norwex has been a game changer in our home for sure!! Check out (below) how shiny some parts of our home is now! It’s still a work-in-progress for sure though…we do have children and visitors, and we’re living life. :p

Thanks to those who placed orders last time around. I earned some great stuff to get my house cleaned so we can breathe easier.

We’re closing up the party link soon, so if you have any questions or would like to try Norwex, please let me know!! If you are local to me, you can host your own in-home party and my friend Robin would love to help you out and clean something in your house!! OR if you are ready, place an order at this link and search for my name, Joyce Moy, and choose me as your host when you check out. 🙂 Thanks!

Below are a few pics from 2 different spring cleaning challenges I did on Facebook. The captions are from when I originally posted the pic…in case they don’t make any sense in this post. :p

Area 1 was the window in our bedroom…I was actually too much of a wuss to clean with the EnviroCloth because it is THAT dirty. There were all kinds of stuff in the crevices that had to be vacuumed up. Bleck! Still stuff I can’t get off the sill. (Robin suggested using the EnviroCloth with Cleaning Paste…I still need to get back to this.)

I realized I didn’t get a pic of the cloth, but I love that all I need is some water on the cloth. There was quite a bit of stuff on top, so it has been awhile since we’ve dusted the dresser.

This is our front door. Sorry for bad lighting in my house, but it is a white door, I promise!

Challenge area/bedroom…area 1 was our ceiling fan, area 2 was our dusty headboard (I wish I got a before pic of that…I am not sure when, but the girls had drawn some hearts in the dust), and area 3 was this spot on the closet door…I had tried just wiping it off (not even sure what it is) with no luck…again with the paste and cloth, it came off in 10 seconds. Also, bad lighting through our whole house. It is a white door.

I was out and about today, but managed to do some cleaning. Area 1 is the wall behind the bikes. It took less than a minute to get it cleaned. Paint has been peeling since before we moved in, and it looks like the room used to be a weird green color. Area 2 was the closet which pretty much exploded because it is tiny…luckily, I hate shopping and don’t have much stuff. The floor was very dusty…now it is less dusty. Area 3 was the other side of the door that I cleaned yesterday. Floors vacuumed and counters wiped. Sounds like a lot more work than it actually was…

I promise, I don’t always burn food on the stove, but I was probably posting about how fab Norwex is and left things going. :p I tried scrubbing with a regular sponge to no avail. On the left pot, I thought a little elbow grease would do, but nope! I used the Spirinett and it came out with no effort on my part within 5 seconds. The right pot took a little more work…maybe 5 minutes with elbow grease, but it came out even shinier than before the burned gunk got on there. Soooo, my ‘experiment’ actually helped me get a testimonial that Norwex works!! Now, I am heading to clean the floors…unfortunately, I won’t be using the floor system just yet since I am waiting on my handle, but looking forward to it!!…I am tired of buying refills for the Swiffer and spray for the Bona.

Here is a before, during, and after of our bathroom sink that I left dirty for quite awhile so you can see the difference Norwex makes! (Sorry lighting is bad at our house.) I usually use a cleaner and paper towel, but mostly, it just gets rid of the coloring from water stains. Now, I can’t help but stop to admire the shiny sink!! (Still need to get to the rim, but I think I need to get Blue Diamond for that.)

I let the kitchen sink get pretty gross so I could again see the difference Norwex would make. And there you have it! FYI, come over soon to have a look-see at how shiny it is in person! My fave for sinks is the Spirinett…no elbow grease needed!

The after pic is a bit blurry, but this is under the strainer thingie. I had used other cleaners before, but pretty much gave up since it took so much effort on my part to scrub!! (And no one really sees under there anyhow…) With the Spirinett, it took very little effort on my part to get it shiny! Voila!norwex11

Hallway/kids’ bathroom – Took me less than a minute! With the window cloth, I just use water. No chemicals needed since the cloth has lots of ‘grabbers’ to get rid of any germy germs on there.

From Robin – This wasn’t today, but this is my dryer drum with gum all over it, and without after Cleaning Paste and an EnviroCloth!

From Robin (at a friend’s house) – When the stubborn eye liner didn’t come off, just a drop of Blue Diamond helped.
norwex9My friend Janelle’s stove – I cleaned my stove top! Before pic. After using paste, toothbrush, & enviro cloth!

From Janelle – I used my dusting mitt to clean all the ceiling fans in the house. The picture is after the kitchen fan. I probably would have used at least 5 swiffer cloths…
norwex14From a fellow HelloMornings sister – I got this area cleaned today and the antique polished and the wall wiped down and the mirror cleaned. I then moved into the closet and have purged about half my wardrobe and am working on getting it organized 🙂  I also got some butterfliess hung up above my bed (antique) and did a quick vacuum… outside I did some weeding. Awesome day for me so far!!!

Are you ready to get a healthy, clean home now? Book your party or place your order HERE! If you have questions, leave them below.

5 thoughts on “My Norwex Experience

    • Kim, that’s why I hosted a party before I even tried it!! That first pic is of all the stuff I earned, so I got to try them all…well, most of them anyhow. I am giving some of it to my mom. :p

      I would say it depends on your needs…based on either what is most in need of cleaning, or what you clean on a regular basis… for me, the cleaning paste and at least one of the cloths are must-haves. I use the scrubby corner cloth the most. The Spirinett has been super duper useful…I think that is only $5+ for 2, although the one with the handle is a bit nicer. I’m not sure what makes them different than regular pot scrubbers, but it was so easy with the Norwex one. (For tougher areas, Descaler or Blue Diamond are probably useful…I haven’t tried them yet though. I am also awaiting the Oven/Grill cleaner.)

      Hope that helps!!

    • That’s what I did!! Now I’m hooked! I heard about them from so many people, but just didn’t want to give into jumping on a bandwagon. :p I have my mom hooked too. She wants to buy one of each of the products…but then again, she also wants me to clean her house. :p haha! I think I’m closing up my party this weekend, so if you want to try anything, let me know if you have questions.

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