My Day with (Flat) Flash

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I shared in a FB post at the beginning of the month: I started reading Flash and can’t wait to find out more about what a homeless donkey can teach me about life, faith, and second chances. Rachel was one of the very first bloggers I “followed” 7 years ago!, and if my house seems remotely uncluttered or clean to you, it’s all thanks to her and Minimum Maintenance. Be on the lookout for more about Rachel and Flash soon!

In term of blogging, 7 years is pretty much an eternity, so we’ve “known” each other forever! Some of my favorite online friends are from the Company Girl Coffee link-ups, and I hope we will some day all meet up for coffee! It was also a fun little surprise when Emily showed up on Home Sanctuary. That same year, I shared why Home Sanctuary is a Site We Love. If you would like to make your home a sanctuary, check out the Small Things.

I love Flash..both the book and the donkey. If you don’t think you could learn a thing or two from a donkey, think again! Flash may teach you something about life. Below are some takeaway wisdom from each chapter of the book, along with some pics from our day with Flat Flash on World Donkey Day. Enjoy!

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Some days just call for chocolate, tea, and a book about a donkey. Priscilla Shirer and Rachel Anne Ridge had a webcast about Finding God in the Everyday Moments – how God uses our interruptions, inconvenient situations and everyday moments to speak to us. You can watch that HERE –>

Happy World Donkey Day! Follow me and Flat Flash in our adventures today. He was a little confused why there was cleaning stuff in the car. We started out our day with 7 other friends cleaning another friend’s house. It was truly more of a blessing to us that she allowed us to serve her today.

Repeat lunch from Taco Tuesday and dishes done! It’s an adventurous life for us.4IMG_20150508_133650

We took a walk to the mailbox to send a letter to Emily’s penpal in Ohio. Flat Flash made sure to stop and smell the roses. That’s a rose, right? I’m so not a gardener, and have a brown thumb.

A sampling of flowers we saw in our neighborhood on our walk to the mailbox… Thank you neighbors for making our neighborhood beautiful! 10,000,000 points to anyone who can name all those flowers! So far, no one has been able to name all 12 flowers.

Flat Flash is a bit bored with me. My in-laws are over so I am using this (mostly) kid-free time to do some work on the computer, sign the kids up for VBS, etc. What have you been up to on this fine World Donkey Day?

We finished eating dinner, the table is cleared, the dishes are washed, and the girls are getting ready to take a walk. They think it is just our usual after-dinner walk around the neighborhood, but we are actually going to ‘run into’ my hubby coming back from the train station. He has been out of town for the week on a work trip, and was able to fly back earlier than expected. The girls thought he would be back after they go to bed.

They thought we were going to take an after-dinner walk (with Flat Flash), but look who’s home from a week-long work trip!!

A snack before bedtime…our favorite varieties right now are Fuji and Ambrosia. Yum! I think Flash the Donkey would like them too. Flat Flash says don’t forget to brush your teeth (he needs to work on this one) and say your prayers!

Flat Flash was curious about the package we received, and found out that Melody’s book about our Australian adventures arrived!

What other adventures should Flat Flash go on?

Melissa is the winner of our book giveaway. Yay! If you want to read Flash, make sure to head to your local bookstore or library, or you can get your own copy on Amazon.

And if you have a moment, check out how donkeys are helping impoverished families around the world. You can sponsor a donkey just like Flash did!6a00d8341cc30c53ef01b8d1107dcf970c

2 thoughts on “My Day with (Flat) Flash

  1. I love every single thing about this! So thoughtful, so creative! I know Flat Flash had a wonderful day at your house…I happen to know that he loves looking over your shoulder, even if it’s to watch you work on the computer! Please tell the girls that they are inspiring people all over the country with their #FlatFlash adventures!

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