Day 3: St. Philip’s & MCA Cafe {Australia 2015}

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We were all super excited about our first full day in Sydney that we woke up at 3a.m. Just kidding, it was jet lag. (3a.m. is 8a.m. in California) But excitement wasn’t too far behind. 😜 We found out that we wouldn’t need an alarm while we were here. Little Aiden was pretty good at giving us a wake-up call at 6a.m. that day and most of the days to follow. We didn’t mind because it gave us a chance to get going on our day and explore! Since we flew into the future, we didn’t really get to experience Saturday. It was Sunday and time for church! We found out that sultana bread (aka raisin bread) would be a favorite breakfast item for the girls.

Observatory Hill Park
We had some time before church, so we walked to Observatory Hill Park. It has an amazing view of Sydney Harbour and the Harbour Bridge. Apparently, there is a cycling path, so make sure to watch for cyclists on your way there.

St. Philip’s Church/Church Hill Anglican – 10:15am service
It was nice and sunny on our morning walk, but it started to rain! Luckily, we were right across the street from the church by then. We enjoyed a nice church service while the girls headed off to Kids Church. St Philip’s is the oldest Parish in Australia. Their first service was held in 1788. (And thanks to CC, the girls knew that the following year George Washington became the first president of the United States. It was neat to see them connect what was happening in Australia and America around the same time. We had many learning moments through our trip.) Hillsong also visited this church –> Forever Reign. After service, we went to pick the girls up and Emily didn’t want to leave. They had the same lesson about the lepers at our own church a few weeks ago, and they even played the same game.

Museum of Contemporary Art Cafe
By this time, it had cleared up. We made our way over to the Museum of Contemporary Art Cafe for lunch. Again, super great view of the harbor. We only got to see the bridge from here since there was a huge cruise ship docked in front of the Sydney Opera House. The food tasted very fresh and was yummy! Check out our review HERE.

Circular Quay
Circular Quay (pronounced Key) is the hub of Sydney Harbour. It is located at the foot of the central business district and the older, historic end of the city. The bus station, major railway station, and ferry terminals are here to take you on many adventures! There are plenty of cafes, street performers, and accommodations all in one central spot.

After our adventures, Melody would sit and sketch a picture of something from the day or type in her journal about our experiences. From this balcony, we were able to watch planes coming and going. We could see fireworks going off at Darling Harbour every Saturday night (and Friday nights during Chinese New Year too!). There were ferries and party music and lots of construction (and a Porta Potty being transported by a giant construction crane) of the new buildings (which will eventually block the view from this apartment building…the new buildings, not the Porta Potty). Anyhow, going back to reflections. Melody is still editing the mini-book that she wrote about our time in Australia, but I will share once it is completed.

The highlight of our first full day in Sydney was hanging out with family.

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