21-Day Clutter Free Challenge {Day 12}

My Un-Cluttered Thoughts

I think it was February of last year when the local consignment store closed. My friends were all frustrated that there wasn’t any place in town to consign their stuff. I didn’t consign stuff, or have yard sales, or anything like that (I just like to give stuff away), but I was hoping to find a solution to my friends’ problem. So, this is not typical of me, but I had posted a few things onto my own Facebook timeline a few months before that, and people seemed to like the idea of how easy it was to just post and have someone buy or take an item. I started an online swap/sell group. And I am amazed at this community that is now almost 450 members. People are able to sell their stuff and earn a little money, others are able to give away items (sometimes brand new with tags), and still others who are searching for items are able to get them at a low price or sometimes free! And we have used it to raise funds for charity. It is just an awesome place. If you are on social media, you will probably find a similar group near you.

Here’s my post from IG (photo above):

Gearing up to my final 3 (more challenging) rooms but working on one more easy area…the living room which stays pretty clutter free most of the time. Stay tuned for an update soon. #clutterfree #themoysdeclutter

Clutter Free Challenges

One of our challenges today is to declutter the pantry. This is a black hole at our house. Our pantry is just another one of our cabinets with all the extras. Along with not being able to cook well from the freezer and microwave, I am also not great at cooking things from a can. hahaha! Now you’re wondering if I can even cook at all. :p Well, Trader Joe’s has been really good to us… Okay, I will need to start posting What We’re Eating posts again soon. Anyhow, this is one place where clutter does pile up, so I need to be careful with what goes in, and knowing the dates of when things need to go out.


We are more than halfway through the challenge. How is it going for you? How many things have you declutter? How do you feel as the clutter starts to leave your home.

Follow me on Instagram (@iamjoymoy) to see pic updates of our progress.

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