21-Day Clutter Free Challenge {Day 11}

My Un-Cluttered Thoughts

My uncluttered thought is this…I should have waited until this challenge to start decluttering. :p From the photos, it doesn’t look like I am getting rid of that many things. But no matter how much I get rid of, stuff seem to multiply overnight, and things just came into the house faster than it goes out. And the more that comes in, the more I feel like I am drowning, which was a word someone else had used to describe the clutter in her life, but certainly is how I would describe it. Thankful for Kathi’s words to help me evaluate the things that are coming into my home.

Here’s my post from IG (photo above):

This is what you see when you enter our house from the garage. I got this bookcase free from our swap & sell page and it has been great for the girls to have everything in one place when they come in to the house or when we leave…at night, we try to put things we need for the next day out so we just grab and go…so far so good. I would love better containers for the stuff on top and the shoes though. The middle shelf usually has a ton of books which we get from our weekly trips to the library, but everything except one DVD was returned yesterday.


So….stuffed animals…hmmm…got rid of 10 out of the 67, plus there are more in the girls’ room. I will need to get back to this one again… #clutterfree #themoysdeclutter

Clutter Free Challenges

One of our challenges today is to declutter the refrigerator. Whew! Thankful for an easy one as I gear up for some really challenging areas of our home. Decluttering the fridge is a lot simpler these days than it used to be. I have no idea why, but I am horrible at cooking anything that comes from the freezer, and anything that needs to be cooked in the microwave. So, because of this, we usually buy for the week, have leftovers for 2 days or so, do CORN (clean out refrigerator night) one night, and the fridge is empty by grocery day. From time to time, we do end up with condiments that are passed their sell by/eat by date.


“Every single item coming into our home costs us something.”
– What is the biggest cost of clutter in your life – space, time, attention, or energy?
– What is one thing you can do to reclaim part of that cost (i.e. get rid of something to regain space, set buying limits, etc.)?

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