21-Day Clutter Free Challenge {Day 9}

I finally got our Facebook group all set up. If you want to join, just click the request button, or continue to follow along on our blog. I will be updating the posts to reflect the latest discussion questions as they come. Make sure to sign up to get the emails as we journey together to become Clutter Free…or at least try!! :p No need to get the book to join me, but we will be discussing some things from it. If you already have a copy of Clutter Free by Kathi Lipp, great! If not, you can purchase a paperback copy or a Kindle version.

My Thoughts

Still lots to do (photos are in the bench cabinets), but this will have to do for now! Did I mention that this feels so good? 🙂 It does! Try it out. Just get rid of 30 things today…things you don’t need and don’t love. If you are not doing the challenge with me, don’t do anything else after that. Even with 30 items gone, you will feel so much better!

Here’s my post from IG (photo above):

I actually ended up putting two bags back on top. There were some items that were claimed after I posted them during winter break. Now that Awana, homeschool group, MOPS, etc. are starting back up, I can bring them to those who were wanting the items. I will have to get back to this one soon since it stores our photos…which I need to at least put in order.

Also, the green table will never really be clutter free because it is our “creative table” where lots of arts and crafts, and playdough, and creating gets done… 🙂 I got it free off of Freecycle almost 6 years ago, and the chairs were a gift from my sister’s former students mom since her girls grew out of them, and there have been some great memories…lots of little kid (and grownup meals shared at the table too. 🙂

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