21-Day Clutter Free Challenge {Day 6}

I finally got our Facebook group all set up. If you want to join, just click the request button, or continue to follow along on our blog. I will be updating the posts to reflect the latest discussion questions as they come. Make sure to sign up to get the emails as we journey together to become Clutter Free…or at least try!! :p No need to get the book to join me, but we will be discussing some things from it. If you already have a copy of Clutter Free by Kathi Lipp, great! If not, you can purchase a paperback copy or a Kindle version.

My Thoughts

The kitchen is one area that I declutter quite frequently, so there’s not much change in the befores and afters above, but I did get rid of a handful of items in every single cabinet in our kitchen…and we have a lot! I was a little “stuck” in this room for awhile because we are heading back to our regular routine after the winter break.

Here’s my post from IG (photo above):

I promise you, I have left the house this past week, but I am on a roll with the decluttering and I am not going to stop until 2000 items are gone.

Follow me on Instagram (@iamjoymoy) to see pic updates of our progress.

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