21-Day Clutter Free Challenge {Day 5}

I will be leading a decluttering group in January. Make sure to sign up to get the emails! Also, leave a comment if you are still decluttering to reach 201 items gone by tomorrow! You can win Clutter Free by Kathi Lipp!
One-Week Decluttering Challenge

If you would like to enter to win a copy of Clutter Free by Kathi Lipp so you can follow along with our decluttering adventures, here’s what you need to do this week:

Get rid of 201 items from your home.

It’s that simple! Just go through your home and get rid of 201 items. You can post pics on social media and tag me, or keep a list of what you’re getting rid of, or just let me know that you got rid of 201 items. Leave a comment below on how you are doing, and when you reach item #201, you will be entered to win!

21-Day Clutter Free Challenge

SIGN UP for the 21-Day Clutter Free Challenge! We will go through the book together in January. You will receive detailed tasks as we read and declutter, and we will chat more about why there is clutter in our lives and how we can get rid of it for good!

If you already have a copy of Clutter Free by Kathi Lipp, great! If not, you can purchase a  paperback copy or a Kindle version.

My Thoughts

I made it to 201 items yesterday! I am at 255….106 of those things were from the kitchen!

Here’s my post from IG (photo above):

Started decluttering in the kitchen a little bit yesterday. I only had a short amount of time, so added 12 decluttered items to the list. As you can see, we have tons of counterspace, cupboards, and drawers, but therein lies the problem. I want to cram it with stuff. The previous homeowner remodeled most of the house before we moved in, and I love our kitchen, but it is not exactly how I want it. We have shuffled some things around many times. It is so easy to just shove stuff into drawers when there are so many! So…here we go!

The girls were planning a New Year’s Eve party, but in-between planning, they were also decluttering. They brought over 30+ things from their room. Their room and the office are the biggest clutter magnets, so I can’t wait to get in there.

I was looking at some of our stuffed animals and I keep many of them…yes, me!..a lot of them are mine, because of some small memory attached to them. And I make up excuses why I need to keep one…the girls worked so hard to earn those tickets at Golfland for that big purple dog, I have to keep it! Well…we’ll just have to have a plan for this type of thing. Ideas? 🙂

Follow me on Instagram (@iamjoymoy) to see pic updates of our progress.

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2 thoughts on “21-Day Clutter Free Challenge {Day 5}

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  2. I never heard of this book but I will download a sample on Kindle and take a look! I am over 201 items. I have been off this week. We have a storage container of clothes, two grocery bags of clothes and 2 pairs of ice skates for my cousin who has a daughter younger than mine. Also 1 big black bag of trash and some small toys bagged up for Operation Christmas Child. This is what we do with all those toys from bday parties and other small clutter.
    I would love to win the book and I’ll let you know about maybe joining your accountability group after I preview the book.

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