Blog Year in Review {2014}

Hi Friends and Family!

Another year has come and gone! Thanks for sticking around even though we have been very inconsistent with our blogging. We are definitely excited about 2015, but before it arrives, let’s take a walk down blog memory lane. 🙂holiday2014Here are 20 blog posts from this year, the Top 10 posts, and also the Bottom 10 posts, because (again) we are equal blog post opportunity bloggers. We love all of our blog posts equally!

Bottom 10

  1. Our Week in Photos
  2. NGD = New Guitar Day…Yet Again!
  3. Happy Anniversary {August Date Night}
  4. Same Old, Same Old {May Date Night}
  5. 1000 Gifts {February}
  6. Let’s Eat! {July Date Night}
  7. A’s vs. Mariners {Baseball 2014}
  8. Disney Junior Pirate and Princess
  9. Recently…
  10. Pirate Ship

bottom10Top 10

  1. Another Hairy Story
  2. Christmas (Photo) Cards Prayer Book
  3. Book List 2014
  4. 21-Day Clutter Free Challenge {Day 1}
  5. San Francisco Excursion
  6. Compassion: The Roadshow 2014 Tour
  7. 2014-2015 School Year: Curriculum
  8. Happy Birthday, Mommy!
  9. What We’re Eating: Crockpot Breakfast Casserole
  10. Happy New Year!! 2014

top10Surprise Giveaway
Again, to start the year off, we will have a surprise giveaway!! It’s a surprise because I’m not even sure what we’re giving away just yet. We would just love to bless one of our wonderful blog readers! So….if you want to win something, just leave a comment below letting us know your favorite memories from 2014 and share some of your goals for 2015!

Happy New Year!

2 thoughts on “Blog Year in Review {2014}

  1. My favorite memories from 2014: Seeing my niece be born, Jonathon’s first trip to Disneyland and one 11hr day at the county fair.

    Goals for 2015: more exercise, better meal planning and finally getting our family photos organized.

  2. Favorite memories from 2014: our summer staycation (San Mateo County Fair, farm visit + fruit picking), new niece Robin, and just being able to stay home full-time with the boys and watch them grow/interact… I like that my list is similar to Kristi’s!

    Goals for 2015: de-cluttering/home organization, more regular quiet times with the Lord

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