Shoeboxes Headed to the Philippines {OCC 14}

One of our favorite times of the year has come and gone – Operation Christmas Child shoebox packing time! We collect items throughout the year for our packing during National Collection Week in November. (I shared about how we collect items in one of our previous posts (at the end of this post).)

Norm and I had taken part in packing shoeboxes even before our dating years (17ish years ago), and I’m glad it is one of the traditions we have kept as a family. I guess I didn’t document our shoebox packing adventures before 4 years ago, but here’s a look down memory lane:
We brought boxes to MOPS and Awana this year, and I just found out that some of our boxes are going to the Philippines and also to some restricted areas.
Capture occboxAnd it’s not just immediate family tradition, here are boxes that my sister and my brother packed this year too!
10349216_10101224572279248_6349457599514486346_n occ

If you would prefer to just donate instead of pack a box, you can Build Your Shoebox Online anytime of the year.

The shoebox that a child receives is not only a gift of hope, but it is also a gift of good news. CLICK TO TWEET

More videos: Sharing God with a Gift | The Peace of Letting Go

Here are some great resources and spiritual impact stories to encourage you:

Have you packed a shoebox before? What are some of your favorite items to include? Are you following your box? Where is it headed this Christmas?

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Your turn! Share your thoughts with us.

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