Our Week in Photos (Week 31)

What Happened?
*Family Birthdays Picnic
*Vacation Bible School
*SF Giants Game (Norm’s work)
*Freezer Meal Party
*VBS Ice Cream Social
*Tour of SF with cousins

What’s Happening?
*Family BBQ
*Oakland Zoo with SL
*Walking Group at Lake Chabot
*AR’s 5th Birthday Party

We are kind of all over the place this week. We went to Foothill Park of Palo Alto to celebrate some July birthday. It is a hidden gem for sure! It is also kind of like a secret society because you have to be a PA resident to enter, or you have know someone. It was a great afternoon of hanging out. I had planned to be “off” this week while the girls were at VBS, but I got asked to be the photographer at the last minute. It was super intense, but also super fun. We have a wonderful church community. I had signed up to take part in a freezer meals workshop before committing to being the VBS photographer, so Tuesday ended up being a looong day. It was my friend’s first time hosting one, and it ended up going longer than we expected. It was worth it though because we had a wonderful time and we made 10 freezer meals. And we ended the week playing tourists in San Francisco again!! We love rediscovering all the fun and cool things to do there. I just wish parking is better.

– Joyce

Click here or on the image(s) below, and then click on slideshow on the upper right hand side. My creative captions are a must-read. :p (I put together the VBS slideshow for closing night, but I haven’t gone through them on our laptop yet. :p)

*Note: If when you click on the slideshow, it brings you to the photo album, just close it and continue to watch the slideshow on our blog.

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