A’s vs. Mariners {Baseball 2014}

I started this post right after the game in April, but #life. :p This was the first game we attended this season and the girls were super duper excited about wearing their new A’s shirts…and also to go to the game with family and friends. 😉 They were also giving away “2012 Back-to-Back AL West Champs” Fleece Blankets at this game, so we cooked up some hot dogs and grabbed some drinks and headed to the stadium at 9AM to line up. Note that the game didn’t start until 1:05PM.

Heading to the stadium

We even got some entertainment as we waited in line.

A very sunny day…and hot day as we later learned…

Trying to catch a ball, but also trying not to get hit with a ball… :p


We had plenty of time to visit all the different areas around the stadium. The girls got free rally towels from this pitching area.

Sun flares

Warming up?

We went wandering around…

…to Stomper’s Fun Zone…

…then we heard Stomper was coming around and the Hall of Fame Racing Mascots. (Check out the video when they were hiring these mascots.)

We were in the sun most of the time…

…so it was back to Stomper’s Fun Zone they went…

And they got tattoos.

And then we hung out at our friends’ seats. 🙂

Then, we ended back at our seats.

Bummer, they did win this game.

But we did get blankets!!

Group pic

Fam pic

Sleepy girls as we headed to Walgreens for a prescription and then off to the Veggietales House Party in San Ramon.

Thankful that this game wasn’t postpone. The game the night before was postponed due to some water on the field from the rain.


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