Centenarian Longevity Celebration

My cousin posted this on FB already, but for those of you who aren’t on there, here’s a pic from the On Lok centenarian longevity celebration. My grandma, who will be 108 this year, is the eldest of this group (the 3rd from the left). She is still as sharp as ever, so we better visit her soon. She’s probably keeping track in her head how many times each of us have visited. :p


Here’s an interview for the local Chinese news station. Both her and the other lady that was interviewed shared that they read the Bible every day. My granny also said she eats a lot of fruits, but if you ask me, her secret to long life is eating chicken skin and Chinese bacon. I was going to do a translation for you, but it’s a little late for that sort of thing for my brain. :p My dad was also interviewed. Check it out!

Who is the oldest person you know?

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