Parents’ Night Out {April Date Night}

Being more intentional about getting time together as a couple sans kiddos meant we had to put it on the calendar. At the end of 2013, I added a monthly date night onto our Google calendar for the 3rd Monday of the month. (I wrote more about Marriage Goals in Action at Next Level Mama.) We haven’t planned the dates much beyond that point. Most of our date nights have been having dinner out (because we’re wannabe foodies), but we have stretched ourselves to be creative before, so hopefully we can vary things through the year. Any date night ideas?

April Date Night
Our church’s children’s ministry had a Parents’ Night Out last Friday. After Melody’s choir rehearsal, I went to get Norm who just arrived home from work. We headed to church, and got the kids settled in. They were going to have a pizza dinner, crafts, and movie night. All the couples gathered to get some ground rules. We were not allowed to talk about our kids, our in-laws, work, or money. Then, we all headed off to our dates. The only other parameter was that we would be back by 9:30PM to get our kiddos.

The Place
During our February Date Night, we wanted to try iSushi, but they were closed on Mondays. You are probably noticing a theme with our date nights. Food is usually involved…although there are going to be more of these Parents’ Night Out, and I think it is long enough for us to catch a movie next time. We haven’t been to the theater since before we were married…2004, I think. iSushi is a small restaurant in Castro Village. Norm made reservations, so we were sure to get a seat.

The Food
They had the usual rolls there, but we decided to try some of their specialty items. Norm will probably do a review of the place soon.

Eric & Lori ~ Club K9: Tempura scallop & asparagus w/ 3 special  sauces

Here is the owner showing the jumbo prawns!

Norm was lucky there was botan ebi this particular day. Usually there is only the amaebi. I tried botan ebi for the first time.

Danielle: Hand torch Kobe beef with tuna & fresh wasabi
Rene & Spring, which I can’t remember what was in it, but it is something with chocolate, strawberry, and salmon…

Green tea ice cream on the house

The Activity
It actually really took us the whole time to have dinner. The place was super packed since it was a Friday night, and it is a popular restaurant. The dishes we ordered also had a wait time on the menu. We didn’t mind since we were kids-free! Since there were the few things we couldn’t talk about, we ended up chatting away about our upcoming vacation and future vacations. I think we might also talked about sports, because that’s obviously what you do on a date, right? We were also wondering what some of the other couples were up to. I think another couple also went out for sushi, and another went out for BBQ.

We failed at getting an “us” photo again, but here we are on our date night. I still think this is an interesting pic of me because it looks like I have bangs and layered hair. I don’t have bangs or layered hair. :p

A huge thanks to our children’s ministry director and some of the college students at our church who hung out with our kids for the evening while we went out. 🙂


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