MOPS and Pops {March Date Night}

Being more intentional about getting time together as a couple sans kiddos meant we had to put it on the calendar. At the end of 2013, I added a monthly date night onto our Google calendar for the 3rd Monday of the month. (I wrote more about Marriage Goals in Action at Next Level Mama.) We haven’t planned the dates much beyond that point. Most of our date nights have been having dinner out (because we’re wannabe foodies), but we have stretched ourselves to be creative before, so hopefully we can vary things through the year. Any date night ideas?

March Date Night
We were planning a date night on our usual 3rd Monday, but with an unexpected trip to the ER (not that they are ever expected), we decided to have a low key week and just keep our MOPS and Pops night as our date night for the month. MOPS, the mom group that I’m a part of, has a yearly event. There have been different things planned in past years (bowling night, themed dinners, etc), but this year we had a Retro Night. There was childcare for the kiddos (the Gomez family rocks!!) and they had pizza. All the parents got to hang out together for dinner, play some fun games, and heard a great talk by one of the mentor moms and her hubby.

The Place
We were at Redwood Chapel for MOPS and Pops. I liked that this year we were in a smaller room, so that we didn’t seem so far away from other tables. Some of the leaders did a fabulous job setting up the room according to the Retro Night theme.

There were TVs with Atari games that we could play.

The centerpieces on the tables and on the buffet table were great!

The Food
Our food was catered from Texas Roadhouse! Yum!

It was a great spread of food along with the Texas Roadhouse meal – fruits and chips and salsa.

The mashed potato bar was a great idea from MOMcon.

Hostess cupcakes

Activities and Friends
We didn’t do too well on the trivia questions, but our table won Pictionary.

There were some great retro outfits. We were boring and didn’t participate. :p

Great talk about mentoring our kids

A wonderful evening with some great people 🙂

Woohoo! There’s a photo of us for this date night because there was a photo area. 🙂 Thanks Genevieve for some great pics from the night.

A huge thanks to my sister who came at the last minute to hang out with the girls since E’s wound was still pretty fresh and sore.


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