Tsh on Tour

I recently updated you on how I’m doing with my book list for the year, and you might have noticed that I finished a book called Notes from a Blue Bike by Tsh Oxenreider. (Read my review HERE.)

Tsh is on a book tour, which doesn’t happen too often with authors nowadays since there are usually online book tours. Tsh had a launch party in Texas, and then hit up the East Coast first. She and her family were in Seattle over the weekend, and then drove down to the Bay!

I actually hadn’t decided on whether or not we were going to make the trek across the bridge to the book signing (Bay Area traffic and all the ER craziness of the past week…), but since Norm said he would just take Muni to the location to meet us after work, I got the girls ready and we headed off.

There was surprisingly very little traffic, but it still took us almost an hour to get there because Java Beach Cafe is at the very edge of San Francisco (next to the Pacific Ocean) opposite of where we were. Parking was also surprisingly not bad…it actually was, but I was fortunate to find a tiny spot where my car could fit.

It was already 30 minutes after the start time, but Norm was holding a spot for us at a table, so we quietly slipped in for dinner and strained our ears to hear what Tsh was saying.

Tsh is a delight. I wish we could have coffee (or tea) again, along with some other bloggers I stalk mutual (online) friends. That would be super fun.

With the family too. πŸ™‚

Melody had a few questions she wanted to ask, but she got too shy to ask them. :p

It was already late, and there were still other ladies waiting to get their book signed, so we went on our way, but not without meeting Tsh’s family first. We had a good time chatting with Kyle for a bit. Finn was super cute when he was being introduced, and right away held up 3 fingers to let us know he is three years old. πŸ™‚Β  As we were leaving, I told Tate to have a fun trip to San Diego, and have a good night, and she said, “You have a good evening too,” because that’s how kids usually respond to “good night”. :p I think she and Melody would get along great. And Reed (I can’t forget the second-born/middle-born since I am one myself), well, how cool is he for being the only one in the family who was not born in the United States (if I remember correctly).

I think the girls enjoyed meeting Ms. Tsh. We started reading Notes from a Blue Bike together the next morning (my second time through so I can marinate in some of the info). When I interrupted the book with a few side notes, the girls told me to not do that, and to keep going. It’s that good. πŸ™‚ It is also fun that some of the places on the map in the book shows places the girls learned about this year. Another thing I like about the book is that the chapters are short. (My other thoughts are on my review of the book HERE.)

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