Ice Skating Newbies

Neither Norm or I had gone ice skating that much growing up, so we have never taken the girls ice skating before. They were invited to a friend’s birthday party at an ice skating rink. They were a little nervous to go, but decided they would try it out.

First time on ice skates!! They didn’t believe me when I told them it would be cold in the rink, but good thing they believed me enough to bundle up. 🙂

Thankful for a community that supports us in every way. 🙂

Also, thankful for a wall to lean on. :p

A highlight – the Zamboni resurfacing machine

Party room time!

The girls had a ton of fun, and wanted to go around again after our time in the party room. We did get vouchers for a future session in the party favor bag, so we’ll see if we will be able to go again soon since the rink is only 15 minutes away.

Do you have an ice rink near you? Have you been ice skating before?


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