Pirate Ship

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A recent favorite around our home is Ed Emberley’s Big Purple Drawing Book!

I had gotten the girls some drawing books that seemed to have very basic step-by-step instructions to complete a whole picture. (Some classmates own some of these books.) The girls do a lot of free drawing and art, where they can create whatever they want, but no instructional art, so I thought they might like it. It turned out that this mom who is not the biggest fan (I like it, but not my best subject), liked it just as much.

One day, I asked Melody what she wanted me to draw from the book. She listed a few things. One of the things was a pirate ship, like on the cover of the book (see below). I looked at the instructions, and said I couldn’t do it. She really wanted me to, and I looked again to see that it was really basic lines. So I tried it out.


After one hour, I finally finished my pirate ship. Here is what I posted on Instagram:

So I spent the last hour drawing a pirate ship for my girl (from a drawing book…I’m not that artistic). I did replace the skull with a butterfly though. :p I need an art class or something…and better supplies. #beayesmom

pirate shipI wasn’t trying to put myself down or anything. Art is just not my forte. So, of course, I had comments from people telling me that this was, in fact, artistic. I guess what I was saying was that I couldn’t have drawn the ship without seeing something with the instructions and copying it. I can only replicate what someone else has already done. My brain could never come up with the ship by itself. I’m not creative, but I can take something from Pinterest and re-do it if I had the supplies.

Art and science stuff don’t come naturally to me, so when the girls ask for anything related to those subjects, I try my best to be a “yes mom.”

We also have the Drawing Book of Animals. There are a few other cool ones that we would love to get once the girls (and I) learn to draw more from the two books we already have. The Big Green Drawing Book looks fun too. There are also some Funprint/Fingerprint books too, like Ed Emberley’s Complete Funprint Drawing Book. The Picture Pie books look fantastic.

Would you consider yourself an artist? What kind of art do you like to do?

5 thoughts on “Pirate Ship

  1. I totally didn’t consider myself a “real” artist until recently when I was having a conversation with an artist (who sculpts) and said that she wished I had been involved in such and such and I asked why… she replied with “Because you’re an artist!”, looking completely baffled that I was unaware of this. Not long prior to then I learned that my daughter had been telling people I’m an artist, but you know, she was 7. So I didn’t take much stock in it. ha. I have been liberated :-p. Happy belated birthday to Melody, btw!

    • Rachel, see my comment above…we are all artists, for sure, but just have to find what our “art” is. Scrapbooking is an art…one that I will never master, but an art none the less. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by.

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