Berkeley Restaurant Week {January Date Night}

Being more intentional about getting time together as a couple sans kiddos, we had to put it on the calendar. At the end of 2013, I added a monthly date night onto our Google calendar for the 3rd Monday of the month. (I wrote more about Marriage Goals in Action at Next Level Mama.) We haven’t planned the dates much beyond that point. Most of our date nights have been having dinner out (because we’re wannabe foodies), but we have stretched ourselves to be creative before, so hopefully we can vary things through the year. Any date night ideas?

January Date Night
For January’s date, Norm planned for us to go to a restaurant that was participating in Berkeley Restaurant Week. When we were living in San Francisco, we used to go out during Dine About Town, so it was great to hear that they have something like that in the East Bay.

I can never tire of sunset (or sunrise, but I need to wake up earlier for those) photos.

My date is illuminating. 😉

If you know Berkeley, you know that parking can be just as crazy as SF on the busier streets. We found parking, but there wasn’t any other way to get to the restaurant besides walking with the traffic. Classy, I know.

The Place
Norm’s restaurant of choice was Joshu-ya Brasserie, which is evidently, a Zagat 2014 pick, as well as loved by Yelp.

If it wasn’t “freezing” outside, it would have been nice to be seated near the little pond.

Berkeley Restaurant Week restaurants have special prix fixe menus that have 3 courses for $30 (for dinner).

Have to document that the lights outside turned on. 🙂

We had just ordered, and then we saw that Wendy Hagen was stalking me. Not really. They had just come from a basketball game, and someone recommended this restaurant to them. And they were celebrating her oldest’s 10th birthday. If you have no idea who Wendy is, you should really find out. She’s just a celebrity friend of mine. Again, not really. I just stalk follow her on IG. No, really, go stalk follow her too. She is real, and funny, and inspiring.

The Food
I suppose Norm will write up a review of the restaurant, and let you know what all the yumminess is about in the photos below, but for now, you just get to look. 🙂

Getting ready to dig in!


Every time our waiter came by he kept telling us that we were doing a great job finishing our food. He sounded super impressed that we had eaten so much. I’m not sure what to make of that. Thoughts? :p And also, we had a HUGE brunch with my family for dim sum, so we were actually super full when we got there. I guess it really was impressive that we only had a bit of food left at the end.

And I guess this was the only photo of both of us…we weren’t even trying to get a pic of the both of us. We were trying to be sly and take a pic of the cool heat lamp thing outside with the flames going crazy. There were tons of people seated outside because there was a never-ending line out the door after we got there. Good thing I suggested we get there before dinnertime!

Your turn! Share your thoughts with us.

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