Compassion: Bloggers on Social Media

Follow the Compassion Bloggers in UgandaWe’re following the Compassion Bloggers on their trip to Uganda. I’m not usually an emotional person, but those pics and stories can get you smiling, crying, laughing…all at the same time. If you are on social media, you need to follow the Compassion Bloggers! They have been sharing with us their experience in Uganda, and how Compassion is impacting children there. The bloggers are blogging daily, but they are also posting photos on Instagram, and tweeting through the day when they can.

Are you social media? Well, you’re reading this post, aren’t you? Then, you are! You can head over to the Compassion Bloggers website to read their daily posts, or you can read them on their individual blogs (linked below).

Compassion Bloggers Uganda Team
Wess Stafford – Compassion President Emeritus | Twitter
Shaun Groves – Team Leader at | Instagram | Twitter
Brianne McKoy – Team Leader at Compassion Blog | Instagram | Twitter
Emily Freeman – Blogger at Chatting At The Sky | Instagram | Twitter
Jeff Goins – Blogger at Jeff Goins Writer | Instagram | Twitter
Joy Wilson – Blogger at Joy The Baker | Instagram | Twitter
Myquillyn Smith – Blogger at The Nesting Place | Instagram | Twitter
Mike Varel – Photographer at Mike Varel digital storytelling | Twitter

compassionbloggersYou can check out their tweets on the Compassion Bloggers twitter list. To see some photos, head over to Instagram (or or Ink361 if you don’t have an IG account)…and more photos on Flickr.

During this trip, the team, Compassion bloggers, and Compassion advocates will be bringing awareness to poverty in Uganda and what Compassion is doing for the families who are able to be connected with them. We are hoping to get 400 children sponsored through their blog trip. Can you imagine 400 children getting sponsors in these 5 days? Four hundred children who will have someone to encourage them and show them Jesus’ love. So far 109 children have been sponsored. CLICK HERE to sponsor a child now! If you are unable to sponsor a child, will you pray for the 400 with us?

Read more about our Compassion children, Solissa in the Dominican Republic and Lucnise in Haiti: Our First Compassion Child | Coloring and Drawing | Email Your Compassion Kid! | What to Send to Your Compassion Kid | Write to Your Compassion Kid!

Your turn! Share your thoughts with us.

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