Christmas (Photo) Cards Prayer Books

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Christmas (Photo) Cards
I posted that I was putting together a prayer book with all the Christmas (photo) cards that we received this year. My friend, Faith, asked if she could see it once I was done because she is trying to figure out what to do with her cards as well. I had seen the Christmas card books before and had one pinned to my Christmas pinboard, but again, with no intentions, I never got around to actually do it. And really, it is so simple.

How It Went Down
Supplies and Materials:
1. Christmas (photo) cards
2. handheld hole punch
3. 2 book rings
4. cover (optional)
5. glitter glue or any other decor stuff (optional)

1. Punch 2 holes on a card. (follow eighteen25’s directions if you’re using her cover)
2. Use that as your guide to make holes in all other cards.
3. Punch all the holes.
4. Put the book rings through the holes to put it altogether.
5. Enjoy seeing photos of your family and friends from the year. 🙂

What do you do with all the Christmas (photo) cards you receive? Is it kept in a special spot or do you like to look at them from time to time?


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