Clutter Free in 2015

???????????????????????????????Great job to everyone who participated in my One-Week Decluttering Challenge! Aren’t you glad to be free of those 201+ things that you decluttered? I know many of you were able to bless others by some of the items you were able to give away or donate. That’s great!!

And…drumroll please!

The winner of a copy of Clutter Free by Kathi Lipp is….



For everyone else, here’s what you can do:

1. Sign up for the 21-Day Clutter Free Challenge. I will be leading a group through this challenge starting January 6th, so leave a comment below or on FB or Instagram letting me know you want to join in. (FYI, weekends are catch up days, so do what you can, when you can! 5-6 things decluttered each day = 2000+ things declutter by 12/31/15!!)

2. If you will be doing the book portion of the challenge, buy the paperback book HERE or the Kindle version HERE (if you don’t want anymore physical clutter). You can also purchase the book HERE, use the code 4DINNER and get The What’s For Dinner Solution in your package at no charge!

Looking forward to some decluttering adventures with you! And for anyone keeping count, I have decluttered 273 things in just a week!


3 thoughts on “Clutter Free in 2015

  1. How does this work? Is it simply getting rid of stuff, or organizing or what? I might jump into this one since I am already behind on the other one.

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