10 Reasons Why I Am Thankful for My Husband

Each night, our girls write in their journals something they were thankful for that day, something that was a favorite part of their day. (I think I can learn a thing or two about gratitude from them.)

Recently, I listened to a powerful podcast with Kat Lee (author of the Inspired to Action website) and Amanda Carroll (who is a DJ at KLOVE radio). As a single mama, Amanda gives encouragement to us married mamas, to remember to be thankful for our husbands, even in those moments when we might be annoyed or irritated with their behavior. Even when they are working late…again, we can still be thankful that they have a job to provide for the family…and that they are coming home…eventually. What a great reminder for me to show appreciation for the things my husband does and for who he is.
thankfulSo during this season of Thanksgiving (which I have been inspired by my girls to live out throughout the whole year), I want to share why I’m thankful for my husband.

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Why are you thankful for your husband? Have you told him lately? Are there others in your life that you are thankful for? Share with us who you are thankful for, and why.

*Image Source: iwannatalkaboutbrooke.blogspot.com

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