For the Holidays: The Sparkle Box

DSC_0695bWe’ll be featuring some of our favorite things if you need Christmas gifts/activities ideas.

sparkleThe Sparkle Box – We received The Sparkle Box last year to review. You can read our review of The Sparkle Box HERE. I have grown up volunteering as a part of Jr. Optimist Club and K.E.Y. Club, and lots of other places, so lending a helping hand during the holidays definitely has a place in my heart. I would love for my girls to understand that even though the “things” of life are fun, it can also be fun to give! At the beginning of November, we brought out our book, and re-constructed our own Sparkle Box so that we can fill it with gifts for Jesus this holiday season. (You can’t tell from the photo, but the box is glittery and sparkly.) 🙂

What are some of your favorite things? Any recommendations for great Christmas gifts?

Affiliate links for other things we enjoy and would recommend.

Your turn! Share your thoughts with us.

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