Real Life Inspiration

HE skinny
by Joyce Moy

Well, we’re chatting about HelloExercise this month, and Kristi already stole my answer about what motivates me to get moving, so I couldn’t write about my motivation, so today I am sharing with you my inspiration. You might already know that I am Not a Runner (and this LINK too!), but I do like some of the 5 Minute Workouts that Patti posted earlier in the month.

I LOVE the encouragement that I get from lovely ladies like Candice Clem, Michelle Myers, and Mindy Lawhorne, as well as the wonderful #helloexercise FB group, but do you want to know my real inspiration? Jenni shared about Biblical inspiration to physical discipline, and I am printing those verses out right now, but my in real life inspiration is my classmate since 4th grade, Sarah. We haven’t seen each other for years, but I keep up with her on social media. Let me tell you, we are as different as can be.

To read more about why Sarah is an inspiration to me in my fitness journey, visit to read the remainder of THIS POST.

Who has inspired to you to move? Is it someone in your own community or an online fitness coach? We would love to hear about your inspiration!

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