31 Days in SF Bay: Palo Alto (South Bay)

This is Day 10 of our 31 Days in SF Bay series. To read all the posts in order, start with this post, then visit the Landing Page to see the outline for the whole series.

sfbaybannerWe really aren’t in the South Bay too often, so although we will list a few places to go, it’s more like we are collecting recommendations for fun family activities, great restaurants, and other fabulous attractions to visit when we do make plans to take a short trip around the Bay. Have you been to the South Bay? Where should be go?

Palo Verde Elementary

(this is where Jeremy Lin practices when he comes back home)

Stanford University
This is the not the best pic of Stanford, and it is also a proof, but it is from our wedding and we had a lot of fun. We joined in a volleyball game with some guys who I think are from South America?? There were something like 10 other couples who were also taking their wedding pics there. See the hummers and limos in the background? :p

I will probably add photos later, but here are some restaurants that we enjoy in Palo Alto. We have written reviews of some of these restaurants, so they are linked up.

  • NOLA Restaurant & Bar
  • Mango Carribean Restaurant & Bar
  • Miyaki Sushi
  • Hobee’s
  • Arby’s (used to have touchscreen ordering)
  • Chili’s
  • 7-Eleven (where we used to spend hours drinking Slurpees and playing NBA Jam)

Other places to visit… (I will link photos and such later on. Come back to visit!)

  • Mitchell Park/Community Center/Library
  • Rinconada Park/Pool
  • Elizabeth F. Gamble Garden at Lawn Bowling Green Park
  • Fry’s Electronics
  • Christmas Tree Lane at Fulton St. (off of Embarcadero Road)
  • IKEA in East Palo Alto
  • East Bayshore Road Bay Biking Trail
  • Stanford Shopping Center
  • Gryphon Stringed Instruments

This is part of our 31 Days in SF Bay series.


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