What We’re Eating: Tortilla Rollups

We have been in a food slump lately (and a blogging slump, I know, I know). It was time to take the Pin It and Do It Challenge. Norm, the best grocery-shopping hubby ever!, looked at our “Recipes to Try” board and decided on Tortilla Rollups by the Pioneer Woman.

tortillarollupsStory about the image above: I don’t know how all the creative lunch-making mamas out there do it, but I’m not creative and I don’t really make lunch. There is usually enough leftovers from dinner to re-heat for the next day’s lunch. This took all my brainpower. We did make it prior to this particular morning, but the girls made those. The photo quality is bad because it was not sunny outside, and our house has bad lighting (anyone want to help with that?), so I just snapped this shot quickly with my phone before packing them up for homeschool group.

This is a safe recipe since we can pretty much shove anything into a tortilla and the girls will eat it. I didn’t try the exact recipe in the link, but it’s another one of those recipes that you can change to your own likes and tastes.

You can make it with various ingredients.

Try different ingredients to see what you and/or your kiddo(s)/hubby/in-laws/neighbors/friends, etc. like.

Yay! Everyone in the house was a fan of this one!

– Joyce

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TORTILLA ROLLUPS recipe from The Pioneer Woman:

Total time: <20 minutes
Serves: 1 serving per tortilla


  • Cream cheese
  • Taco-sized flour tortillas
  • Ham/turkey slices
  • Cheese slices
  • Tomatoes, sliced
  • Cucumbers, julienned
  • Avocados, sliced
  1. Spread cream cheese in a thin layer over the tortillas. (Younger kids can use plastic knife.)
  2. Lay ingredients down the middle of the tortilla.
  3. Roll up the tortillas as tightly as they’ll go. PW suggest using plastic wrap and refrigerating for an hour so that things stay together.
  4. Slice into fourths.

What would you add to your tortilla rollups?

*Bold instructions can be done by younger kids.

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