HelloMornings: Photo Challenge

Two weeks ago, there was a HelloMornings Photo Challenge. I usually start these things and never finish them because I forget to take pics with my phone, but I finished this one (a few days late with the last photo)! I just wanted to share it here because a lot of people ask me about what HelloMornings is, and it is also a good reminder for myself why I do the HelloMornings Challenge. Below are my 7 Instagram pics with their captions (italicized), and a few more extra notes. 😉

1004942_10151846171751155_1215748771_nI keep getting distracted from posting this. No real 6:00AM clock pic because I haven’t seen 6AM lately…that is my goal time…thus the kids clock. I reinstalled my Sleep app (1 of the 2 apps that I ever paid for!) now that I have a new phone that works. Great features…including one where the alarm will not turn off until you do a math problem. Haha! #hellomornings #photochallenge #mytime I try to keep the apps on my phone at a minimum, but this is one that I love.
554046_10151847263031155_1333085452_nDay 3: My View #hellomornings #photochallenge This is more ideal than actual most days. My actual view out the window is our toolshed, so that is not as exciting as the open-field-mountains-in-the-background photos I saw. My kiddos are the kind who wake up if they hear your eyelids open, so I mostly use My Tools from day 2’s photo from my phone. If I am lucky my view is of my HelloMornings binder. Fave is prayer journal.#adaylate I just looked back at my prayer journal from 2 sessions ago, and love the updates of answered prayers.
993964_10151853342616155_402949501_nDay 4: My Fuel #hellomornings #photochallenge I always start with 2 cups of hot water…yes, filled to the brim, and a vitamin. And I always have a cup ( or two) of tea (usually jasmine green tea). And yes, I drink a lot of liquids…usually just water. Not pictured but breakfast is a MUST around here…usually something hot. After I posted this, I was asked if there was a reason for hot water. I think it’s just habit more than anything else. I even drink hot water in hot weather. Someone asked if there were benefits, and I went to look, and there are benefits to drinking hot water! It might also be an Asian thing since we all have hot water dispensers ready for tea.1170669_10151853354951155_1975356620_nDay 5: My Space #hellomornings #photochallenge Nothing too exciting here either…just a comfy office chair and my blanket (from one of my students 9 years ago I think) for chilly mornings. If I turn to the right, it is that toolshed I was telling you about. This is not my space every morning. Some mornings, I’m just in bed. Other mornings, I might somehow end up in Emily’s bed. If Melody wakes up early, we end up doing our HelloMornings time together on the floor.
970675_10151857517636155_335073497_nDay 6: My Verse #hellomornings #photochallenge This is the day the LORD has made. We will rejoice and be glad in it. Psalm 118:24 Originally, when someone asked, I said this was a dahlia at a friend’s house, but I think I remember now, that it is a flower at a house in our neighborhood. They have all kinds of pretty flowers and I love walking by to see them all. 🙂
539680_10151857581391155_1313843714_nDay 7: My Why #hellomornings #photochallenge #waylatergram I want to wake up in the morning to pray over my family before the hustle and bustle of the day begins. GOD | PLAN | MOVE And another reason why I do HelloMornings? The people pictured below won’t have to deal with a cranky and grumpy wife/mommy. I’m a true introvert, and because we homeschool and the girls with me all the time, I need that quiet (even if it’s only 5 minutes!) before the day begins. And what’s better than starting my day knowing I’ve got God in my corner.
864_10151870440301155_430287632_n– Joyce

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