Marriage 101

The back-to-school ads are out, and despite the fact that summer actually ends in mid-September, summer break ends soon for most of the kids in our lives. Whether your kids are in public or private school, or you homeschool or unschool, we all have to agree that this whole ‘learning’ thing never really ends. From elementary school to college, and from job training to workshops, if you really want to ‘master’ anything, you need to study and continue learning.

It is the same way in our marriages. We can’t expect that once we say, “I do” we automatically know how to be a great husband or a great wife. So, let’s go back to school and take a look at a “beginner’s” course on marriage.

Welcome to Marriage 101! While I will be your facilitator for this course, the syllabus is flexible. Choose your own instructors and textbooks, but make sure you complete the assignments for a good grade.

Course Description: Take the Marriage Mission Statement that you have created to find resources that will guide you in building a healthy marriage.


I’m a blog contributor at Next Level Mama. To read the remainder of THIS POST, head over to this awesome new site!

Do you have a mentor couple in your life? What books have you read that have been helpful to growing your marriage? Complete the assignments, and come back here to let us know how it went.

– Joyce

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