Seattle Trip 2013 Recap


We bought the Seattle CityPass for this trip, and I think it was very worth it. 🙂 Here’s a quick recap of our trip with mini-review from Emily (1st comment) and Melody (2nd comment):

Day 1

  • Alaska AirlinesI liked it because it has wings. | I liked seeing Mt. Rainier out the window and being in first class.
  • Inn at the MarketIt was so comfy. | I liked that we had an upstairs.
  • Beecher’s Handmade Cheese I liked the cheese. | I liked them mixing the cheese.
  • Elliot’s Oyster HouseThe mashed potatoes was so yummy that I wanted to taste it again. | I liked the strawberry lemonade and the oodles of noodles.
  • Seattle Great WheelIt was so fun, but it goes slow. | I like that we had a nice view of the water and that we were up high. I didn’t want it to end. I wanted it to go faster.

Day 2

Day 3

  • Le Panier French BakeryI liked the apple pastry. | I liked the raspberry pastry. I got all sticky.
  • Original StarbucksI liked the hot chocolate. | I liked my apple cider.
  • Pike Place MarketI liked them throwing the crab. | I liked the fruit and jam samples.
  • Maximus MinimusThe Mac and Cheese was good. | It was the same as Mac and Cheese. I liked both of them.
  • Hyatt PlaceWe stayed there. | I liked that we got to watch TV.
  • The ConfectionalIt was so yummy and tasty. Everything was so yummy. | The cheesecakes were really, really, really yummy, as in better than ours. Seattle should be known for cheesecakes.
  • Seattle Children’s MuseumI liked scanning the things. | I liked that we get to play there.
  • McDonald’s I like the fries. | I love the stuff that I ate, and especially the parfait that I had because my lip hurt and I didn’t want to eat the fries. And that was sad.
  • Chihuly Garden and GlassI like that they blow the glass. How did they blow the glass? | I love the glass.

Day 4

  • EMP Museum (Experience Music Project) – I liked playing in the band, The Rockin’ Moys. It was super loud too. | It’s great that you get to play music in a room that is quiet.
  • SkyCity/Space NeedleI like it spinning. | It’s great that I liked my food. I liked the view from the top and that it spins.
  • Dick’s Drive-InI like the fries. | My sandwich and my drink was good.
  • Space NeedleI like seeing all the buildings at night. | The view from the top was great because there was telescopes and binoculars.

Day 5

  • Pacific Science CenterI like the butterflies. We saw it so close and we catched it. There were bats. | It’s great that we got to watch the 3D movie because everything looked up close.
  • Bite of Seattle Festival x2 – I like the strawberry shortcake. | I liked the strawberry shortcake and the crepes.

Day 6

  • The Seattle Public LibraryI liked going up the escalators. | It’s great it has an upstairs because it’s different than ours.
  • O’AsianEverything tastes sooo good. | I love the food. I liked all of it.
  • SoundBridge (Seattle Symphony Music Discovery Center) – The Ugly Duckling oboe trio played good. | The harmonica was great because it was crafty.
  • Tutta Bella Neopolitan PizzaI liked the sorbet. | I liked the pizza and the dessert.

Day 7
Home sweet home – Changing clothes fast to go home in the morning. | I liked that my tooth fell out and I got to show everyone. And that I have another loose tooth too.

Full reviews and daily recaps to come!

7 thoughts on “Seattle Trip 2013 Recap

    • Kasey, We did a lot of walking. I think I can check off my cardio for the next 2 months. :p If there is some kind of Groupon deal for the Great Wheel, you should go on it, but not sure if it was worth the price that we paid.

  1. oh what a perfect recap, we’re planning to go to seattle, well in october so maybe the weather won’t be as great, but i love your itinerary, it’s giving me a good idea of how i can fit it for our trip. looking forward to your reviews!

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