Just For a Cause: Penh Lenh

Have you heard of Abolition International? Neither have I…until now! Have you heard of Natalie Grant? I have! Well, Natalie Grant is serving on the board. She, along with Dan Merrell (president and founder of Propeller, which we do blog reviews for), want to get the word about something exciting that is coming up!

Here’s a little info about ABOLITION INTERNATIONAL:
The vision for Abolition International surfaced in 2005 when founder Natalie Grant was exposed to the plight of millions of women and children around the world oppressed by sex slavery. After researching the issue and speaking with devoted anti-human trafficking groups and caregivers, Natalie realized the desperate need for quality aftercare for survivors. With that passion to make a difference, Natalie founded The Home Foundation to support aftercare programs around the world.In the past year, Sok Pisey and Sopheak at the Dream Home expressed an unwavering desire to create beautiful jewelry as a means to an independent life and a better future. Abolition International, in partnership with Transitions Global, has worked tirelessly to bring together an experienced team of dedicated men and women to help these young women start a business and create a sustainable high-quality jewelry line.They now have an extension of jewelry that officially launches this FALL.

IMG_4864wlogoHere’s a little info about PENH LENH: (okay, maybe it’s actually a lot of info, but it’s worth the read to hear what’s going on in the world, and how you can you help)
Penh Lenh exists to empower women in Cambodia to be free from their former lives, realize their dreams, and become whole again. Human trafficking is a global issue slowly becoming uncovered by mainstream media; however, many people remain unaware of the prevalence of sex and labor slavery in our modern-day world. Today, slavery is a 32 billion dollar global industry, with an estimated minimum of 21 million slaves worldwide.

In fact, there are more slaves today than at any other point in the history of mankind. Cambodian women and children are at high risk for sex trafficking, as the country is a source, destination, and transit site for sex slaves along with neighboring countries Vietnam and Thailand. Southeast Asia is one of the largest hubs
for sex trafficking in the world.IMG_4925wlogoThis is Penh Lenh (PEN-LEN).
Penh Lenh, in the native Cambodian language of Khmer, means “whole.” Just like the pieces of jewelry they have created, these women are not broken or pieced together; they are strong and wonderfully made. Sok Pisey and Sopheak are active participants in the Penh Lenh jewelry line. They are currently perfecting their jewelry-making skills and are learning how to make the first round of Penh Lenh pieces. Penh Lenh jewelry will officially launch in Fall 2013, but today, you have a unique opportunity to help seed this program by investing in Penh Lenh jewelry. Please visit www.penhlenh.com to learn how you can invest in these girls’ dreams and share in their journey of feeling “whole” again.

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