Studying the Bible {for little learners}

That lovely spring day, as I was sitting in the lecture hall, the professor was saying something about COGS (that’s Cost of Goods Sold to you non-finance majors), income statements, cash flow statements, equity, and all that fun stuff. So while the professor lectured, I, of course, was looking around the classroom, checking the time, doodling on the margin of my notebook, anything but taking in the words that he spoke. It wasn’t that I was bored with the subject (what can be more fun than studying finance!), but I was not and am still not much of an auditory learner! (I did pass the class, and go on to get my business degree.) I can’t even listen to audiobooks. Once I got home, and I read through the chapter, it made more sense to me. There were charts and numbers to look at on the pages.

Kids are exactly the same way when it comes to learning. Some learn better through reading, and others by doing. Although there are serious topics that we can discuss about in the Bible, we also have to make it fun and interesting for kids (and adults) to want to learn it.

As a former Child Development student (yes, I almost also was on my way to getting this degree), we were taught about all the different learning styles. There are even combinations of the learning styles too.

Today, I want to share with you 3 learning styles, and a few resources that are available for those types of learners. Check out my guest post over at Do Not Depart.

What resources have you found useful in teaching kids about the Bible?

3 thoughts on “Studying the Bible {for little learners}

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