Garden 2013: Evergreen Nursery

I figure we should post about our garden before harvest time. We already picked some tomatoes!

Below are photos captioned and typed my Melody! 🙂

Evergreen Sign


There were so many flowers.

Me and my flower

Us and Emily’s flower

What a wonderful place

What a big cart we have!

Koi pond

Flowers all around me. There is a ton of flowers.

My sister is looking for the perfect flower.

Isn’t that a wonderful flower?

Note from Melody’s mom: Some of the flowers pictures are what we have growing in our yard, along with artichoke plant and tomato plants (One tomato plant was given to us by a lovely church friend who can grow anything!! She is also in an upcoming Dahlia show if anyone is interested. I can give you info.) We also have/had a chayote squash plant, but perhaps a neighborhood critter got to it. 😦 We’re still working on getting our green thumbs.

Anyone have any tips on turning our brown thumbs green? Please don’t say Miracle Gro. :p Have you taken a trip to the nursery? If so, what did you get there?

3 thoughts on “Garden 2013: Evergreen Nursery

  1. My parents have green thumbs but unfortunately that didn’t get passed onto me. =( My mom will take dying/almost dead plants from our house and bring them back to life for us. She keeps telling me, “you need to water them.” =P We went to ACE Hardware in Castro Valley and picked up a tomato plant, beef steak tomato seeds and cucumber seeds. They are starting to sprout! We planted them late in the season. The person in charge of the nursery there was great! They sometimes have classes there.

    • That’s great!! My parents are the same way! I feel like I do the same thing that they do…water the plants!! But they still die!…even those plants that people say don’t need a lot of care for them to stay alive, I still kill them. 😦 *sigh*

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