Alameda County Fair 2013 (Part 1)

I grew up going to the Alameda County Fair, so I’m a little excited to take the girls and do more fun things each time.

Last Wednesday was a good day to go.

Bring in 4 cans per person, and get in free.

And…lots of people got in free.

Sweet girl

Got our free tickets!

At the fair, you can do miles of walking…

…which balances out by the fair food that you will eat.

Monster corn dogs, brick of curly fries, and turkey leg, oh my!

My, oh my!

My love


Trying to use my dying phone to get a pic

Brick of curly fries on top of the stroller for the remainder of the time = tradition

More walking

And…it was also Christian music night with singer Francesca Battistelli.

Watching the show

Francesca and her hubby (who is also the drummer)

Your love never fails, it never gives up, it never runs out on me…

High five

Little Friends

Not-so-little friends

And because the VBS theme for the week was Colossal Coaster World, the girls went on their first roller coaster ride!

There they go!

Check out E’s face :p

Norm likes to wave!

Strawberry Patch ride

Good thing we came on $1 rides day!!

These rides are $3-$5/person!!

Heading out

Good night, county fair!

It was fun.

One last thing before we go…

Gotta toss the trash…

Good night again…

Have you been to a county fair before? What is your favorite part: the food, carnival, rides, shows, exhibits…?

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