Photos captioned by Emily

Note from Emily’s mom: Norm had gotten a Groupon deal for Golfland awhile back and it was expiring soon. The week we decided to go (and the few weeks before it), I was not feeling that great. We also miscalculated the time for dinner, so I skipped out on the girls’ first time mini-golfing. But they had a ton of fun as Norm’s brother and sis-in-law went with them. I think it was only $20, and they got to all golf, plus 60 tokens for the arcade, which they didn’t even finish using.

That’s from waiting in line to get into Golfland.

That’s me and Jeh-Jeh (Chinese for older sister). We are waiting in line for our turn.

That’s Jeh-Jeh. She’s swinging the club.

That’s Uncle Bakkie (nickname for Norm’s brother) teaching me how to do it.

That’s Jeh-Jeh and Uncle Bakkie.

That’s me hitting the ball into the hole.

Jeh-Jeh wanted to do it again.

Auntie Bonnie was hitting the ball too.

Jeh-Jeh and her golf ball.

That’s me and my jacket because it was sprinkling. Just a little rain.

Jeh-Jeh was taking a picture again.

Jeh-Jeh taking a picture again.

We are sitting with the house.

Jeh-Jeh’s swinging the club, I think.

We are playing air hockey.

I was playing air hockey again.

Jeh-Jeh was still playing air hockey.

Then, we were playing skee ball.

I was watching and Jeh-Jeh was playing.

We got a lot of tickets.

That’s putting the money in.

That’s how many tickets we had.

Daddy took a picture of us with our stuff prize.

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