First Comes Love, Then Comes a Marriage Mission Statement

The Beginning
The other day my six-year-old asked me, “How did you and Daddy meet again?” So I told her about the first time we met. We were in high school at the time. My husband had come to see the youth group musical that I was performing in. “Did you look into each other’s eyes and fall in love?” (I have “Nancy Clancy, Secret Admirer” to thank for this question.) No, not exactly. We were actually friends for two years before we started dating. Her questions brought back a lot of memories of how we have grown in our relationships with each other to where we are now.

Image Source: Arguelles Design

Image Source: Arguelles Design

Us as a Couple
I am not a marriage expert by any means, but what I do know in our five years of dating, one year engagement, and almost eight years of marriage, is that marriage takes a lot of work. Once children come into the picture, we have to be even more intentional about setting aside time to be just us as ‘a couple’, instead of us as ‘mom and dad’.

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Do you have a marriage mission statement? If not, would you join me in taking action this week to write up a marriage mission statement?

– Joyce

5 thoughts on “First Comes Love, Then Comes a Marriage Mission Statement

  1. Thank you for the challenge and reminder to be proactive about growing my marriage. I appreciate how you outlined the different steps and areas to work on (listed at the Next Level Mama site). =)

    • Hillary, I always read about how married couples turn into roommates or sorts, and I just don’t want that to become us. I’m glad you found the blog helpful. 🙂 Date night are great. Any chance for a double date with you two?

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  3. We’ve decided, that although there are bumps in the road, we don’t want to just let life happen, we want to live intentionally. For us, that means writing a family vision/mission statement. We believe, as we prayerfully contemplate what our statement should look like and write it, that it will, in the end, help us to live intentionally within the rhythm of life; aid us in achieving personal, family, and generational goals.

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