Our Week in Photos (Week 19 of 52)

*International Day
*MOPS Power On Leadership Connection
*Daddy-Daughters Date
*2nd Birthday Party
*Awana Cubbie Celebration

*Rowell Ranch Rodeo Parade
*Emily’s 4th Birthday!!!/Mother’s Day
*Last MOPS
*Awana Awards Night
*AOK Fun Day

This Week’s Post
*Melody-ism: Grandmother
*“To Walk or Stay” Book Club :: Chapter 4 Discussion {Beauty}
*May the 4th be with you!
*NUD: New Ukulele Day

– Joyce

Click here or on the image(s) below, and then click on slideshow on the upper right hand side. My creative captions are a must-read. :p

This should be a slideshow:

*Note: If it brings you to the photo album, just close it and continue to watch the slideshow on our blog.

1 thought on “Our Week in Photos (Week 19 of 52)

  1. Wow! Everyone sure did a lot of work to make it a successful event. I’m so impressed with the decorations, the food, the costumes….I know those teachers (and kids) worked hard. Love the photo of the girls with the costumed lady. Precious.

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