HelloMornings: Morning Routine

This week on the HelloMornings site, we talked about our morning routine. It wasn’t until recently that I realized if I really wanted to start my mornings right, I would need to prepare the night before. Not having a plan in the morning, when my brain is still a little fuzzy, did not get me anywhere, even if I did wake up at the my target wake-up goal time. I’m very visual, so I put together a little page of my HelloMornings routine. I’m trying to have a day set aside for planning for my week and our meals (most likely Saturdays). So I don’t really plan too much in the mornings, besides just taking a look at our calendar to see what’s going on for the day.

Note: My mornings don’t always look like this. Some nights I am waken by sick kids, or kids just want to let me know it is raining outside, or a kid who wants me to bring them to the bathroom…


How does your morning routine look? What’s the first thing you do when you wake up? I should have included turn off alarm clock as my actual first thing, but oh well, there wasn’t anymore space on the page. šŸ˜‰

This post is linked up to It’s Time to Share Your Morning Routine!

8 thoughts on “HelloMornings: Morning Routine

  1. I would love to know about #4 The Habit Workout. I’ve looked all around Kat’s webpage etc and can’t find anything on it. :o) Very nice visual of your morning routine. I’ve got to get mine on virtual paper soon and I’ll link up my routine as soon as I do.

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