Our Week in Photos (Week 12 of 52)

*Schoolhouse Rock LIVE!
*Young Families Group
*Birthday time!
*In-N-Out Burger Field Trip
*Neighbors got burglarized (not a good highlight) o_o

*Awana Grand Prix
*MOPS & Pops

This Week’s Post
*Phone Photo: My Girls
*To Walk or Stay by Lara Williams
*The American Bible Challenge Season 2!
*Top 10 Fitness Apps on my Smartphone

We had an exciting, but busy week. Maybe one of these days I will be recovered from all the fun, and tell you about it. :p Until then, enjoy our photos/slideshow.

– Joyce

Click here or on the image(s) below, and then click on slideshow on the upper right hand side. My creative captions are a must-read. :p

This should be a slideshow:

*Note: If it bring you to the photo album, just close it and continue to watch the slideshow on our blog.

1 thought on “Our Week in Photos (Week 12 of 52)

  1. You packed all that into one week? Wow! I loved the slideshow and getting to see backstage of the Schoolhouse production. I always loved schoolhouse rock….I never knew it could be made into a play. Melody looks as if she enjoyed her foray into theater.

    I particularly enjoyed how Melody’s photos were taken from down low…a small person’s perspective! So cute. I hope you have a slower week this week…maybe catch up on some rest after all that! Bless you and your family, Joyce!!

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