The Declare Conference

When I started on my journey in blogging, it was just an extension of my journaling. I’ve always been a document-er. It was also a way to keep up with my Sunday School students. (Remember xanga?) Then, they all stopped blogging, but I stuck around to document our first year of marriage…blogged throughout my pregnancy, and then I started “following” mom bloggers. Through all of that, most of my interactions have been with online blogger friends, who I have never met in real life. This past year has felt like a meshing of my online world and my “real” life. (Read about that HERE and HERE (and if you have time HERE, and also when I met a blogger who is famous HERE)). I love the communities that have formed in online life, and how it has changed me in my real life.

Who knew that I would be able to serve the Lord through the Internet when I started blogging about my daily life? One of the first blogs that I read was by Kat Lee. That old blog doesn’t exist anymore, but if you haven’t already checked out her blog Inspired to Action, you really should!! I have been so blessed by her. So, this leads me to sharing about the Declare Conference. It started out as a mini-conference for mom bloggers in the Dallas area, but now is a blogging conference with a heart to equip women with encouragement, support & community as they seek to know God and make Him known. There are positives and negatives to what’s out there in the Internet, but it can be a venue to sharing God’s great love.

Anyone out in the Dallas area would be blessed if they have a chance to attend the Declare Conference. And did you see the awesome speakers that are lined up to speak!? I’ve had the honor of serving in the online ministry HelloMornings with more than half of this group of wonderful ladies. They are amazing, inspiring, encouraging women of God. I would love to meet them IRL. I know I have a lot to learn from them and the sessions. Praying for this conference, and what is God is doing there.

I only know a handful of bloggers IRL, but that would be awesome if we had a SF Bay Area Declare Conference! Local peeps, do you know any bloggers in the SF area? LMK! If you’re not local, you can’t help me out here for the conference, but share with us what some of your favorite blogs are. 🙂

– Joyce

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