Our Week in Photos (Week 7 of 52)

*CC Pizza Party
*Birthday party
*Happy Chinese New Year!
*Dental appointments
*Annual checkup

*Young Families Gathering
*SF Symphony Field Trip

This Week’s Post
*Valentine’s Card-Making Party
*Emily-ism: Swing
*My New Bike by Melody Moy

Hello all. I’ve been overwhelmed to say the least. Not only because of the wearying appointments, but also because our laptop had a virus last week and I am completely behind on all my emails. I even had an overdue newsletter that didn’t get printed because of it. 😦 I’m so glad for the “long” weekend, even though, really, when does a mom truly get a break?

– Joyce

Click here or on the image(s) below, and then click on slideshow on the upper right hand side. My creative captions are a must-read. :p

10 thoughts on “Our Week in Photos (Week 7 of 52)

  1. Just popped on over from HomeSanctuary. I love your pictures! Especially of Melody and her new bike. My family lived in California when I was little and some of my earliest memories are of learning to ride my bike around our patio in my bathing suit during the spring! I miss that California weather! Sorry about the technical difficulties. Those are always really frustrating, especially when– as a mom– it’s one of your few avenues for adult interaction. Hope everything gets cleared up and back to normal soon!

  2. Joyce, at least the appointments are over. I hope you are able to get at least some rest this week. Maybe you can enjoy the weather. It was supposed to snow this morning here, but I didn’t get up early enough to see it 🙂

  3. JOyce, I’ve never heard of Kiwi Crate. I’ll have to check it out. Your girlies are beautiful and I know they are a huge blessing to you. Hope your computer problems are behind you and it is smooth sailing from here on out. Thank you for stopping by over at my blog.

  4. I had a nice break over the long weekend! My hubby took care of the kiddos while I flew to Seattle to see my sister and mom. 🙂 It was such a nice trip, even though it was short. Hope you at least got some rest and caught up on some things over the weekend!

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