Our Week in Photos (Week 3 of 52)

*CC friends lunch
*Lunch at church
*Dance classes started up for the girls


*GNO and GDO (that would be girls’ day out)
(Yes, I need this! Breathe!)
*Double date with L&B
*Visit with K&S
*MOPS Spa Day (Yes! I need this too!)

This Week’s Post
*Hide His Word: Psalm 71
*Giveaway Winner: ListPlanIt Membership
*Review: Casey’s Pizza

I think I just need to breathe. That is all.

– Joyce

Click here and then click on slideshow on the upper right hand side.
Or click on the image below.


4 thoughts on “Our Week in Photos (Week 3 of 52)

  1. Whew – that’s a full week! I’m on a dud of a laptop and could not get the slideshow to work, but the first photo of the dance class is adorable. Love the leggings and pink skirt. And the french braid. I used to do my girls french braids all the time and for awhile there they teased me about making them look dorky as kids. Well, who’s laughing now? I see braids everywhere and have no doubt they have come around to realizing how incredibly deft I was in creating beautiful hairdo’s for them. LOL! Have a great weekend…hope you get some time to breathe!

    • Rachel, It was definitely fuller than normal. There may have been other things not included, just because they’re our regular routine things, but we feel like we missed out on 2 weeks after the sickness that occurred after Christmas and New Years. 😦 My mom didn’t really know how to do hair, so growing up, I did my own, and I can probably do my own hair better on myself than anyone else. :p The girls love it, but we should probably get haircuts soon.

  2. Hi there! You are one busy momma. I love how you are hiding the Word in your heart. I’ve realized this week just how important that is. I’m participating in Siesta Scripture Memory Team with Beth Moore again this year. There is so much in my daily reading that is jumping off the pages to me right now that it’s hard to choose just one verse to memorize!

    Have a great weekend friend!

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