Our Week in Photos (Week 2 of 52)

*Melody learns to ride a two-wheeler!
*MOPS Steering Mini-retreat
*Friends (always a highlight of our week!) 🙂


*CC friends lunch
*Lunch at church

This Week’s Post
*Desperate: Hope for the Moms Who Needs to Breathe
*Kiwi Crate: You Know You Want One!
*Sulphur Creek Nature Center Visits the Library

I love how I blogged about Desperate this week because I was definitely a mom who needed to breathe. :p I’m glad the sickness is behind us. I felt like I lost 2 weeks of my life though. Getting back into the groove has been nice. Melody learned to ride a bike on the 31st. That was super duper exciting. As I noted on the photo caption, I’m pretty sure she could have learned about 6 months ago, but we were bad, lazy parents who didn’t take her out to learn. :p It took all of 15 minutes of Norm helping her to balance, and she was rollin’.

We’re gearing up for HelloMornings registration, so that’s what I have been busy with lately. I have been so encouraged by this ministry and so very blessed to be able to serve alongside some inspiration women. If you don’t know what it’s all about, you should definitely click on the link and look around.

– Joyce

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We didn’t take very many photos this week because we were finally recovering from sickness and trying to get back into our regular routine.

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