Our Week in Photos (Week 49 of 52)

*The Nutcracker
*Christmas Concert
*MOPS Steering Christmas Party


*Lawrence Hall of Science Field Trip
*Ordination Service

This Week’s Post
*The Nutcracker
*Shutterfly House Party
*Readers’ Choice (what do you want to read about next on our blog?)

We had quite an adventure last weekend when we went to watch Norm’s cousin’s daughter perform in The Nutcracker at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco. We finally saw some sun today, which was a super duper great sight after all of that rain. We are settling into the Christmas season now as I finally moved the pumpkins out of our house! :p I suppose to could have just added a Santa hat and some tinsel to them to make them festive, but I feel some snowflake crafting coming on… We are trying to keep this season simpler and focused on His Word and giving gifts to Him. Check out The Sparkle Box if you haven’t already read our review and update about this cool book. What are your favorite Christmas traditions?

– Joyce

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