Our Week in Photos (Week 48 of 52)

*Impromptu Thanksgiving with fam
*Christmas decorating begins
*FIL’s birthday dinner @ Cafe Salina
*Dinner with friends, lunch with friends, we love our friends


*Biblical Peacemaking Seminar
*The Nutcracker
*Christmas Concert
*MOPS Steering Christmas Party

This Week’s Post
*Mom Heart Conference
*Emily-ism: Upsee Dupsee
*Operation Christmas Child 2012

How can it possibly be December already? What Christmas traditions are you looking forward to?

– Joyce

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2 thoughts on “Our Week in Photos (Week 48 of 52)

  1. I see that you are going to the Nutcracker! That was one of my favorite traditions as a little girl. I wish we lived closer to a big theater but one day I will take my girls and it will be a special event.

    The kids always look forward to bringing out the advent calendar. They take turns putting up ornaments on a magnetic tree. By Christmas morning, the tree is fully decorated. We’ve had the calendar since before our kids were born. 🙂

    Have a great week!

    • Melissa, Yes, the girls loved The Nutcracker!! It was a smaller production by the performing arts school that Norm’s cousin’s daughter goes to. It was still the full 2.5 hours though. Maybe one day we will get dolled up to go to the one with the orchestra and everything, but this was just as great. What a sweet tradition with the advent calendar. We haven’t done anything consistent, and just trying to see what will stick around from previous years. 🙂

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