Our Week in Photos (Week 47 of 52)

*Last day of our 1st semester of CC
*Double date night with friends
*Hang out w/ a friend in SF
*Color Me Mine birthday party
*Thanksgiving with my fam
*Red egg and ginger party
*Thanksgiving with the Inks


*Impromptu Thanksgiving with fam
*Christmas decorating begins
*FIL’s birthday dinner

This Week’s Post
*Phone Photo: Magnify
*Winnie the Pooh KIDS Play: Opening Night | Closing Night
*Hospital Tour
*Review: Mr. Pickles Sandwich Shop

Well, it’s been an interesting week to say the least. Looks like everyone was taking turns with a less-than-24-hours fever. Except for me…I was had my own turn at waking up to care for everyone. Other than that, we truly are blessed with such wonderful friends and an even awesomer family! So much to be thankful for! And despite the dismal turn of events in health this past week, we are still thankful to be considerably healthy…and if not, lucky to have medical attention at our reach if needed. My prayer for the upcoming year is to have our blessings be turned into blessings for others. What are you thankful for this year? What is your holiday mission statement?

– Joyce

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